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ABWA is proud to represent the licensed beer distributors throughout the State of Alabama. 


Alabama’s beer distributors have operated in every wet county of the state and represent more than 4,000 hardworking Alabamians. They work hard every day to ensure that the greatest choice, variety and selection of beer is delivered safely and efficiently to store shelves and bar taps. And distributors do more than just deliver beer. Beer distributors promote responsible consumption, combat drunk driving and work to eliminate underage drinking. 


Beer is no doubt one of life’s simple pleasures, and it has an important and unique place in American society. Few people stop to think about how that ice cold beer you enjoy at the end of the day makes its way from a brewer to the consumer. Beer distributors are a critical link in a three-tier distribution system, regulated by the states, that is designed to provide a tremendous variety of beer brands and styles to consumers at a great value. While delivering this wide variety, distributors also make sure that states receive their fair share of tax revenue and alcohol products are kept out of the hands of those not of legal drinking age. 


There are nearly 13,000 different brands of beer available in the U.S. today – few other products boast such a tremendous selection. On behalf of Alabama’s licensed independent beer distributors, welcome to the ABWA website and thank you for learning more about what we do and who we are. 

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